Salley Knight

Color : solid color, transparent color; color next to color, layers of color, piles of color. Color hung. Color applied. Color glued.In contrast to artists who transform ugly material, I take perhaps a more challenging route of working with intrinsically beautiful material: silk.

The fabric is dyed with care using traditional Japanese techniques. The sensuous fabric is then ripped, cut, sewn, or glued.

The inspirations derive from childhood – either the immersive experience of color as light, or the direct image of an animal, floating like a dream on fabric.


Salley Knight is an artist who hand-dyes her silk to achieve the precise colors that are her signature.

In her larger pieces, the color interacts with light: in her smaller work, the color itself is the strength. The dreamscape of childhood is her subject matter – either as the immersive environment of light at dawn, or the whimsical “learning” through illustration.

Salley Knight graduated with an MFA from Lesley College of Art and Design in 2011. She grew up on a farm in Virginia and currently lives on Squam Lake in New Hampshire.

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