Katrina Gorman


Born in Fort Wayne Indiana, Katrina Gorman showed a great interest in art at an early age. As her artistic abilities grew, she then learned she had a new passion, in addition to drawing when she received her first sewing machine at 9 years old.

After sewing became an everyday expression, and art grew into a passion, she decided not to pursue art as a career when she received an art scholarship. Instead, she went to college and earned a degree in Early Childhood education where she taught children under 5 year of age, and later moved to the insurance industry where she spent 10 years of service.

In 2009, many life events happened and the love of drawing and sewing merged into a new exciting expression for her, called Textile Design Art. Soon after her new discovery, she had her first fine art gallery showing and moved to San Antonio TX where she continues to pursue her passion today as her full-time commitment.

Some featured exhibitions and juried art events Katrina has shown her work include: Solo Exhibition featured at The Carver, San Antonio TX 2015, King William Fair 2016, HGTV show called, “That’s Clever” 2008, and many more. To see more of Gorman’s work, feel free to go to her website at www.katrinagormandesigns.com

Artist Statement

Ever think about what you would do if you won the multi-million dollar lottery?

If I could live in luxury for the rest of my days had nothing at all, I would continue my heart’s desire of creating art.

These creations can best be described with the phrase,“love is in the art,” because I pour my heart and soul into telling a story that inspires me from life and all its experiences, but also use nature and its vast beauty. My mind has a unique manner of visualizing colorful designs as it sees the world.

Once I have visualized this design, I transfer it to fabric and continue to develop and refine the sketches until various fabric textures, colors, and designs practically jump out at me and I am able to bring to life the realization of my creative vision.

As I continue my journey creating fabric art, I continue to spread my wings, expand and try new concepts. There is so much more I’m inspired by as I continue to see and explore new mediums, new ideas, and move towards new horizons.


Area of Expertise

Original art hand created from fabrics and textiles

* Quilted Fabric Art Wall hangings
* Wearable Art
* Tote Bags/Sash Bags demonstrating free hand applique technique
* Canvas Art
* Framed Fabric Art
* Commissioned art works for individual and/or corporate

Additional Artistic Experience/Knowledge

*Still Life
* Portraits
* Acrylic
* Watercolor
* Charcoal
* Color Pencils
* Pastels
* Pen-n-Ink, and Pointillism
* Multi-Media Painting on Fabric

Contact Information: 

Textile Design Artist
Katrina Gorman
Katrina Gorman Designs
“Love Is In The Art”
(210) 272-0111
studio (260)260-6775

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