At present, The Cabal Creative consists of 5 founding members.

There’s the instigator of the movement, an artist and business coach named Martin Stellar – currently residing in Spain.

Katrina Gorman, a fabric artist and Genuine Sweet Person – from Texas.

Salley Knight, who does magical things with silk and natural dye – from New Hampshire.

Leigh Shenton, who uses resin to create stunning seascape art – from the UK.

And of course, Paula Mould – a painter from Canada with almost as much panache as skills.

Together, we are the Cabal Creative. We’re here to show you what can be achieved when an individual is willing to look in the mirror, ditch outdated modes of thinking, and is ready to take action.

Note that while the founding members are all artists, that does not mean The Cabal Creative is meant only for artists. In fact, we welcome anyone who works in a creative field, and/or anyone who recognises that each moment, and the choice we have with each moment, is an act of creation.

Our mission? To show by example that each life (yes, yours too) is an ongoing act of creation, and that this notion gives us enormous power.

That you get to set the rules and that there’s nothing more satisfying than living life on your own terms.Subscribe to our updates to stay in the loop about our projects and the online community we’ll soon launch.

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